Life is easy when u allow others to take the credit…

It is common for any human to take credit for anything one says or does. It is also normal that most humans learn from one source and claim credit in another audience. This boosting ego type behaviour is a need for many to be happy. There are also many situations that someone learns from you, takes credit on his learning and comes back to you and advises on the same thing you have transferred. This can irritate you as you are the source of it. But if one thinks deeply, one can be silent on this and be happy that someone has learnt something good from you and you have managed to only spread the message and also allowed others to internalize it. Not easy to practice but makes it easier on your life.

You are what you are to be…

When one is born, you have already been programmed over thousands of years through your genes. Your physical structure, mental abilities and spiritual outlook is already embedded in you. However, using this foundation, you add your experiences, your learning from this present life and add more updates to what is already a programmed You. This is why one cannot blame others for their flaws but can only try to¬†help them move it away from them. All are good human beings. It’s either their skewed genetic history and the bad experiences they have in their current life make them do what they do.

When you are pushed to a corner..

Many times in your life, you are pushed to a corner where you know that it is going to be a tough and thankless road ahead and don’t know when it is going to end. In this situation, you can either have self-pity on yourself and get more depressed or find innovative ways to bounce back. If you choose the second option, you may have to compromise on your past ways and find new paths which you have not gone before while always feeling positive that somehow something will work out a solution for you even if you do not know where it will come from.


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