Unlimited Love…

Every human being comes filled with an unlimited quota of love. You can love your grand parents, parents, siblings, friends, wife, children, pet, nature, flower, tree, stars, moon, colleagues, country, world etc etc and still you will have a lot of love left with you. This is on emotion which is free and given to you unconditionally. This is one which can solve all the problems of this world and make it a beautiful planet to live in. If it is used on a conditional way, it becomes a business. If  it is used in a unconditonal way, it just multiplies it exponentially.  It is also the only emotion which easily removes  hatred which is the root cause of a weak human race

Love is a powerful emotion…

It is obvious to see that love is one of the most powerful positive emotion which is inborn. Love reciprocates, love heals but  love can also kill. One common trait of excellence and success is love. Love for a job makes you excel in one. Love for your body makes you keep it well. Love for life makes you enjoy it. Love for silence makes you meditate more. Love for a customer will make you serve well.Love for a person makes you generous. Love for a country make you a good citizen and love for the world makes you a good world citizen. Love for nature will make you respect it. No one can resist love.  Everyone needs it and everyone will accept it. Love can avoid wars, resolve conflicts and spread happiness. Love is a universal force which can bring the world together for everyone’s good. Always start  with lots of love and it is bound to succeed.

love is an unconditional energy..

Love is a powerful catalyst which can drive one to excellence in whatever you do. Love for nature makes one enjoy it, protect it and nurture it. Love for knowledge creates curiosity, concentration and fulfillment. Love for people makes one empathetic, caring and giving, Love for oneself keeps one fit, happy and cheerful and love for life means makes one content, satisfied and energetic. When you start something like a job, sports, profession, family, business, social service first check if you can have unconditional love for it.


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