Thinking like an Entrepreneur…

A thin line divided an efficient Manager and an Entrepreneur. entrepreneurship takes management to a higher plane with more risks and rewards waiting to be conquered. Needless to say that an entrepreneur should be an efficient Manager first. Secondly, he needs to have a broader perspective of the business world. This includes policies, competition, economy, relationships etc etc. He also has to have a strong understanding of all functions within an organization. The ability to make decisions against all odds, creating a balance between data and gut feel also are traits which an Entrepreneur thrives on. Lastly, he should have a strong social skills which enables him to move towards a larger good than himself. It is an exciting journey beyond management.

Management theory vs practice..

Management courses takes the student on a journey through an ideal organization with ideal people around an ideal world. A working organization is always facing uncertainties. The theory is based on people in an organization playing their role as defined to perfection.  While the concepts are fine, the theory fails in practice and so do the students in their initial years of working. This is because in the real world, a person’s performance is not only based on his knowledge and skills for the job but also his emotional status and attitude at any given point in time. This emotional situation affects his roles and others in the organization. A Good Manager identifies this in his team members early enough and takes preventive and/or  corrective actions to achieve his teams objectives.


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