Media is supposed to be neutral…

An average world citizen forms many impressions based on the media reports and coverage. Who controls the honesty of the media when they have given the freedom of the press. How are we sure the media is not influenced to slowly sway the world into one direction. It is the usually the rich nations and rich businessman who own the media and are they also concerned about the rest. There is a need for a Universally neutral media which does not belong to any country and the world citizens control your ethics.

Media is for the minority rich and famous..

It is sad that world over almost all media caters to the rich and famous. Focus is on celebrities, politicians and businessmen. All these three need the media as much as the media needs them. Politicians enhance their chances for re-election. Celebrities use them for improving their ratings and businessmen use them to create brands and manipulate politicians to enhance their business. The rest 95 per cent are completely marginalised unless there is a murder, rape or such dramatic events.


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