My Dad’s Observations #12

A good friend of mine asked my Dad recently how he manages to have a very good memory at his age. He paused and said that it could be God’s gift to him and laughed. Then he told gave him his little secret. He said it is nothing but concentration.  When you hear , see or observe, it is very important to concentrate and focus on it. Your mind should be devoid of any other activities for those moments. If you are able to do this, you will easily store it very well in you memory. Later, you can recall them anytime with a little concentration.

Memory Mysteries..

Memory capability in humans are fascinating. They store from your childhood billions of images, sounds, smells, colours,  words, sentences, people, expressions, gestures, touch, feelings  etc. Other than the vast storage capability, they keep all these connected to each other for easy  reference in multi level access paths. The speed at which data and information can be retrieved in words or expressions is amazing. All these come free with your body and available for good use throughout your life. All sensory organs are constantly interacting with the memory either in storing, referencing or retrieval. When one sensory organ is shut out, the rest become more prominent. One of the meditation techniques is to  slowly shut off all senses one by one and reach a state of no memory and so no thoughts.


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