Everyone is good…

If you look deeply into people, everyone is sweet and everyone is a good human being with minimal needs. After all they are all born as an innocent and peaceful baby. What happens after is what makes some of them look bad.

The personal transformation happens with experience and exposure. Diseases likes Ignorance, Greed, Jealousy, one-upmanship, breaking competition, non acceptance of other religions, blind patriotism to a country rather than the human race starts to take a toll on some of them.

This shapes the bad character and bad habits of these people who starte to look bad in the eyes of people who are not affected by these diseases.

Judging People….

One of the most common mistakes one can make in life is to judge people wrongly and also share your view with others. Here are some views to mitigate this.

The first view is the personality(Visible) including dressing, healthy body, style of walking etc. This is probably 20% of what you know about this person. The second view is the interaction (behavior) including language, tone, clarity of thought, listening skills, pleasant to interact etc. This will give you another 30% view of that person. The most important 50% (attitude) can be from what others think of him and how consistent and predictable this person is in his talk and actions. These make up the final view and needs to be constantly reconfirmed to be true throughout his life


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