Ownerships traits of a professional….

A very important trait of a professional is to take total ownership of a task/project till its completion. You may take up or have been delegated a task and how you take it from there becomes your key professional personality. The first part is to understand clearly the objective of the task, the resources required, quality, time and cost requirements of this task. The second is to work on it and delegate some of it with a vigour to complete it much in advance. The third is to not change the objective yourself without communicating. The fourth is have clear communication all around throughout. The fifth is to complete the task, report it to all and also get a confirmation that it is complete. It is better that you dont’ decide that it is complete and become complacent.

Professional traits becomes personality traits…

You will notice that your professional traits become your personality traits over a period of time and this sometimes become a conflict. A teacher tends to speak loud and a lot more than others. A lawyer tends to debate a lot from all points. A businessman tends to look at everything as a potential business. A doctor looks at everyone as a patient. A CEO tends to boss around and needs listeners around him. Some of these professional traits don’t work at a personal level around friends, families and other encounters. It is best that your positive personal beliefs and traits become your professional traits as this way you need to be just yourself in all situations and need not perform an act.


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