Trust the person who can be trusted…

When you trust a person or a group, you do not expect to suspect them. If you also suspect them, it means that you trusted someone without being sure. As citizens, we expect the police to be honest, diligent and supporters of trust, we expect the lawyers to be truthful, we expect our teachers to share their knowledge completely, we expect our politicians to take care of all citizens of this country. However, when the country creates politicians who can be corrupt, lawyers who can lie to win, police who can be bribed to ignore, teachers to be paid low to underperform, then we are to be blamed. We have allowed this to happen right under our own eyes by comprising on the larger good and focusing on the selfish growth of ourself.


Politicians, Lawyers, Police, Teachers…

A Country should have its best people working as politicians, lawyers, police(defence) force and teachers. Their roles are so critical for the short and  long term health of a country. A Politician’s positive move can have an impact on millions of people. A Lawyer can ensure that the right laws are made and maintained. A Police/Defence force ensures that people follow the laws for the benefit of everyone else and All Teachers combined can make or break a whole new generation of a country. The most educated and capable people should be selected for these posts, paid the highest and respected the most among all vocations in a country.


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