Corruption is a disease of the mind…

Unfortunately, Corruption has become a way of life for many in India across all sections of the society. India ranks a low  78th in the world. Either you start corrupting or you support it to find an easy way out. If people are happy to be honest, happy to be content, happy to feel rich in life without money beyond their needs, there is no need to be corrupt. It is an addictive disease where the mind finds ways to justify itself that it is ok as most people do it, it is ok because the taxes are high,  it is ok as the laws are not sensible and it is ok as you are only makin a living and helping your family etc. Uncontrolled ego, acute selfishness, valuing people only by money, inability to abide by laws, uncaring attitude towards other fellow humans affected by corruption are the symptoms of this disease.  This is one disease which the country has to eradicate by cleansing the minds of its people else there will be desperation all around.



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