Productivity should drive down cost….

One of the kep factors for an organization to be growing, stable and competitive is its ability to continuously improve productivity. Productivity improvement means that it reduced time to produce, reduces costs of production and increase in quality. Cost reduction is always in our hand and need to be used as a focus to drive your productivity. This will certainly make your product/service more competitive. Companies who are able to do this better than you will certainly reach market leadership status. Sales staff looks at higher speed of growth and more market share. Technical staff looks at production improvement at lower costs without comprising quality. Both are driving sustainability in their own way.

8 hours of productive work…

To improve your work life balance, one should try to maintain a 8 hr highly productive high quality work output daily. The productivity and value you can extract out of your 8 hrs of work will define your commercial value and so your earnings in a given society. This compensation which you can achieve will also define your life style in the non working hours of your life. The challenge is to live within your earnings based on your compensation. The only way you should increase your compensation and/or your lifestyle is to increase your productivity during these 8 hours. If you are able to improve your productivity even marginally every day, your earnings will also start to show an increase day by day right through your work life both to counter inflation and also increase your life style in life.


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