Easier to break but takes time to amend…

Relationships can be quite strong yet fragile . Two persons who are happy  to accept each other as they are likely to stay friendly. Every one have their weak spots and if this is unknown to the other, it can become risky. The trick is to acknowledge these spots and not touch upon it in bouts of anger. In any relationship, it is critical to enhance the positive aspects so much that the negative aspects fades into oblivion. I have seen sometimes it just takes a few moments of high ego and clash of views which can break a long-standing beautiful relationship.  Any anger based comments, actions can have a long-lasting effect and the real basis of friendship is lost during those moments. When you are angry, keep it to your self. When you are calm, discuss the differences and also be ready to agree to disagree, as any broken relationship takes a lot of time and healing to come back to its original status.


Managing Relationships is a life skill…

From childhood, one has to relate to everything around you. Starting with your body, mind, soul, emotions, parents, siblings, relatives, friends school mates, college mates, nature, birds, animals, space, time, governments, world at large etc. Successful people have created a comfortable position with all of these internal and external influences by being primarily adopting empathy, gratitude,love and clear communication for all of these.


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