Fueling your sales..

Marketing and Marketing Communications are two functions which can fuel your sales. A fine balance maintained between them and Sales becomes a mantra for business success. The focus and emphasis of these three functions keep changing with your business, competition and the business environment around you. Marketing creates awareness, Marketing Communications creates a pull and Sales creates an opportunity for a customer to buy. It is not a good idea to stop marketing as soon as Sales becomes easy but it changes in its approach. An effective organization makes sure that all these functions are well-integrated in its strategy to ensure continuity and sustainability.  Marketing only works if there is already a well thought about product or service which adds value to an end customer.

Purchasing or Selling ?

When I had a opportunity to speak to a group of sales professionals, I held  a brainstorming discussion to discuss if selling is more difficult than purchasing. They easily concluded that purchasing is much more risky, complex and a difficult process. This is why a sales professional has to first understand the factors which his prospective customer has for his purchase and try to position his product and services to reduce the risk of buying from you. If a customer is buying a service, he is looking for vendors where he feels comfortable and can trust, If a customer is buying a product, he is more focused on the product’s life and maintainability. Using truth and trust as a base for selling always has a higher chance and ensures a loyal customer.


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