Sharing your joy…

When you share your joy of a success with friends and family, it is fascinating to experience how your true friends react. They are simply happy for you. The joy  multiplies when your friends treat it as their joy in life. The sincere wishes and celebrations from their heart makes the event memorable. The motivation one gets to pursue beyond this success is even more real and powerful. The unconditional love and affection you get is a blessing. The positive thoughts overpowers the negative ones. There is a sense of gratitude for these friends to make your life better. Sharing your joy is sheer pleasure.


Innocence, Learning, Doing, Sharing, Letting go…

Knowledge seems to fill up the space of innocence in you, learning something new fills you with a sense of joy, doing is an act of using what you have learnt and that gives immense satisfaction, sharing what you have learnt to do gives you happiness and finally letting go of this cycle allows you to come back to innocence to start a new cycle. Knowledge which is not used in this way is unneccessary baggage you carry and usually only inflates your ego.


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