Commitment to a task..

People work with people. Tasks are either share with people or given to them. when a task is owned by a person, a commitment to complete the task is undertaken. Everyone else now trust and rely on this person to complete this task in a high quality, low-cost and effective manner. This commitment is the driver of this task owner to take it up. If that person is able to do it, it may be normally acknowledged and appreciated by others or just taken for granted. If the person needs help, its his duty to ask for it. If the person concludes that  he cant do it, it becomes his duty to quickly give it back so that the task is reallocated. What is not acceptable is when the task is not done or completed shoddily but a lot of time and thought has gone to come up with a set of reasons to justify the failure of completion. If every member in a team is task oriented and driven, then the team will always succeed.

To do list….

It may look simple to maintain a to do list, but it is one of the most complex activities of an executive. When one is overloaded with calls, smses, emails, priorities, pressures, conflicts etc, a quick turn to your to do list creates a sense of direction to complete things which you need to do. Dynamic decisions need to be taken, priorities needs to be adjusted continuously, delegation to be used as a tool, communication of  delays, explaining the changes etc becomes a complex set of actions which will bring back clarity to your to-do list. It also ensures that no task is ignored and all show a path for completion. Mastering a to-do list is a necessity for all peopleat all levels.


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