Good times and bad times…

Everyone goes through good times and bad times in one’s life. The overall happiness is based on one’s ability to increase the good times and also how one’s maturity to handle the bad times. Firstly, one needs to have a graceful acceptance of situations which happen and which are really not in one’s control. Secondly, one should   neither get too excited about good times not get too depressed about bad times. Thirdly, just let it pass and experience it as it comes. If one can go through bad times happily then you have conquered your ability to be happy at all times.

Time as an Asset..

How do people value time in their life and more importantly time of another person. Time is in a constant steady movement. There is only limited time available to everyone in their life. A Person who values his time well will find a way to manage his time well and also respect other’s time.  Time does not stop, does not speed up or slow down and keeps going. We are the ones who live around the time we have. A person who has health and wealth will find the biggest asset he has in the time. Without enough time on your hands, your health and wealth lies dormant and pretty useless. There is a time for everything including sleep, idleness, thinking, listening, doing, eating, entertaining etc etc. A balance of all these will make a person content and happy every day. Time is the most precious asset a human is given free .


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