India’s lack of toilets..

Projections shows that 700 million people in India do not have access to proper toilet facilities. Even if we start now, it is going to take a few decades to create this basic need which helps health and hygiene of India. In the interim, one finds people struggling for privacy when the only option is using open places. A social enterprise product can be an interim solution. An umbrella kind of design which is foldable, opens into a square boxed area and rests on its 4 corners is a simple way to solve this. The 4 sides could be used as an advertisement space or sponsorship space to also advocate the lack of toilets in this vast country. The costs can be easily covered by the sponsors for an important social need.

a culture of Hygiene …

With 1.2 billion population, India is starving of toilets and is generally filled with garbage around. Statistics shows that India needs around  700 million  proper toilets. When an overseas visitor enters India, one of first noticeable facts is that India is dirty which implies that Indians are comfortable with garbage around, lack of toilets and generally poor in keeping their environment clean. Even if we start today, it will take 20-30 years where we can clean up this mess and also inculcate a practice a hygiene in India across the board. Even cities have open places which are used as Natural Toilets. There has to be a sustained mass movement in India to inculcate this culture. Government, NGO’s and Citizens needs to work towards it. But it has start with an awareness and drive from people. A clean environment certainly is one of the factors in the journey towards becoming a  developed country.


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