Nurture the roots to have good trees..

Most solutions to long-lasting problems can be resolved only by looking at the source of the problem. Correct the source and the problem goes away with time. In a democracy, corrupt politicians thrive because the voters vote for them out of ignorance and blind faith.  Well meaning politicians do not come forward for the same reason. Try and change the mindset of the voters and you will find well-meaning politicians coming forward and corrupt politicians vanishing slowly. Voters need to take this up as their duty to bring the right leaders forward which is turn will develop and grow the country all around them.

Voting as a responsibility….

In any democratic body, elections are used as a means to get the majority mandate of the members to decide its leaders for a period of time. The voters obviously vote on what they think is beneficial to them almost on a selfish mode. The aspiring leaders try to woo the voters in whatever way possible to get their votes which leads to them becoming enslaved. This paves the way for the not so competent leaders to come forward to utilise these weakness of voting and the voters voting for the leaders who favour them unconditionally. A Responsible voter will choose leaders who can be fair, transparent and make his decisions for the larger good of the body than himself. A Responsible Leader is one who is honest, sincere and does keep in mind that his decisions would be fair to all the members of the body and not only for the people who vote for him. Tall order for both!!


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